Dalya Shaw

Inspirational and Engaging Speaker
Compelling Content Writer

Communicating to Inform, Influence, Inspire, Educate and Empower

Are you searching for a truly great communicator, who is passionate about Speaking and loves creating great Content?

The ability to communicate clearly, through speaking and writing is one of the most valuable personal and professional skills a person can hold.

I believe it is that persons responsibility, to share this skill to benefit and enhance the lives of others.


Communication: the act of transferring thoughts, information and ideas (the message), from one person, place, or group (the sender), to another (the recipient).


Effective Communication:  

i. when a sender clearly and concisely relays a message Textually (written) or Verbally (spoken) AND

ii. This message is received and understood by the recipient in exactly the way the sender intended it to be.


Do you have something to say but don't know how, or don't have the time to say it?

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Are you looking for an engaging, real and raw speaker to captivate your audience? 

"Dalya has been an extraordinary advocate for organ and tissue donation, assisting DonateLife Queensland to produce a targeted national educational resource for high school students. Her inspirational telling of Ben’s story is the moving centre-piece of the five-minute video designed to help and inform young people. An excerpt of the video was shared online with thousands of views and also aired on a Channel 7 news report to promote DonateLife Week." - Principal Communications Advisor - DonateLife Queensland