Dalya Inspired Speaking

In a world of so much noise it is more important than ever to find someone that can easily:

  • Engage with your audience

  • Take them on a journey

  • Invoke emotion

  • Inspire

  • Motivate

  • Encourage new ideas

  • Promote action and 

  • Keep them captivated right up until the last minute

"Dalya Shaw is one of these rare and powerful speakers."

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"With her real life experience, her passion and different perspective, she leaves audiences feeling inspired, empowered, energised and just wanting more Dalya insights."


As I share my 'lived experience' incorporating my real and raw story of love and loss, I want you to walk with me on my journey and really feel it.

"You cannot help by being moved. Her delivery and openness means audiences regularly walk away with a strong desire to be a better human."

You will always get my best. I bring vibrancy to my talks and strive to generate a high and positive energy to my audience, regardless of the topic.


"Dalya has a knack of making every event, regardless of the topic, a memorable experience."

I speak placing a big emphasis on empowermentdifferent thinking, and making a difference in order to achieve results. 

I am a motivational speaker teaching the power of facing adversity and building resilience through sharing my story of lived experience.  


I have also been called the 'Death Whisperer' as I am one of few, if any, speakers completely comfortable having an open and honest conversation about death.


I will share my personal story and experience in dealing with the worst possible kind of loss.


Some of my topics include: 


Living with Purpose, Changing the World, Dealing with Loss, and Being an Organ Donor Family.

"This mother, author and inspirational speaker is someone you don't want to miss hearing. 

She will change your life.... for the better."

Are you ready to take a step forward to a braver, stronger, more empowered you?

Let me show you what's possible...