Book Dalya to Speak: Dealing with Loss


Dalya is no stranger to loss with her mother passing away when she was just 26 years old.


This was followed by a series of miscarriages and then the devastating loss of her only son and best friend suddenly, at just 15 years of age. 


She has learned first-hand the suffocating and paralysing feeling that comes with losing a child.


Dalya knows only too well there is nothing that can be said or done to make this okay and is a beacon of light to others in similar situations.


People are drawn to her personality and held as she communicates to a wide audience of adults and young people alike. She will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted by her desire to make something good come from something so incomprehensible.

An empowering speaker with a story that that will bring you to tears before she gently carries you up the path of positivity again.

Book Dalya today to inspire, motivate and get a fresh perspective and a new lease on life. 

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