Book Dalya to Speak: General Motivational Talks

Image by Hello I'm Nik 🎞

Dalya Shaw communicates with audiences on both a national and international level, with her motivational talks, so far, reaching NZ, Canada, and the USA. Her inspirational messaging is based on real life experiences, ensuring she keeps audiences engaged and left wanting more.

While there are specific topics that she is often engaged to discuss, her ability to simply inspire and motivate groups looking for silver linings on dark clouds, sets her apart from the rest.


Together with her passion and energetic ability to create the fire in people needed to play a more proactive role in their own lives, she is able to influence audiences to become empowered about making and embracing positive change.

Contact Dalya today to have her come and inspire, motivate and drive your group from being ordinary to aspiring to achieve extraordinary results.