It’s Okay to Feel Crazy Trying to Have a Baby is a real and raw diary account of a very special journey. It will take you through the highest of highs and lowest of lows, up and down the emotional and physical roller coaster felt by so many couples and singles trying to fall pregnant. It is the actual account of a determined and head strong, if not a little emotional, womans story, from being excited and ready to start a family to an obsession that spans 8 years.


This book is one of a kind and you will be hard pushed to find another book on the market as real and raw as this.


It will make you laugh and make you cry, give you strength and inspire you, give you hope and give you comfort to know, you are not alone in how you feel. And above all, that it’s OKAY to feel a little crazy when you embark on your own IVF journey to motherhood...

Book: It's Okay To Feel Crazy Trying To Have A Baby

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